Mr. Jerry M. Mills – Entrepreneur :

Mr. Mills has a long history of founding or co-founding various companies in the construction, energy, and high-tech industries. In 1973, Mr. Mills founded Mills Electrical Contractors, a super-regional “open shop” electrical contractor that was considered one of the top commercial and industrial electrical contractors in the nation.

During the late 1990s, Mr. Mills sold Mills Electrical Contractors to Integrated Electrical Services, Inc. in a successful rollup IPO, and making IES the nation’s largest electrical contractor. At the time IES was formed, Mr. Mills became a member of the Board of Directors and was appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer – Commercial and Industrial. Mr. Mills was later named as President of IES and served in that capacity until his retirement.

In November 2002, Mr. Mills became the founding CEO and General Partner of Jerry Mills Electric Group (JMEG) and EAS Contracting. Both companies continue to operate and are highly respected within the construction industry.

During his career at Mills Electrical Contractors and JMEG, Mr. Mills was instrumental in developing and implementing the design/build concept for electrical contracting projects. Over the past 46 years he has served in many capacities in the Independent Electrical Contractors Association, the ABC, the AGC and other state and national industry organizations. He is a past member of the Executive Advisory Board, Center for Construction Industry Studies at the University of Texas.

With his proven business success, and an inquisitive mind, Mr. Mills has also founded a number of companies in very diverse industries.

Sundial Arizona – A developer of solar project in suburban Phoenix, Arizona. Sundial continues to own and operate nine solar projects consisting of 5.7 mega-watts of name plate capacity with various school district off-takers.

LiNERGY – Formed to acquire the interest of an original partner in EnergySource, the owner of a 50 mega-watt geothermal facility in the Salton Sea Known Geothermal Resource Area of California.

Tigmill Technologies – Formed with Dr. Howard Tigelaar to provide technical and scientific consulting services.

TrivTech Dx – Developer of a point-of-care medical diagnostic instrument, software and mobile app for the global health care market. The device and test cartridge are designed to be small and cost effective for home use. Through a mobile phone app, the device will connect users with the cloud and transmit diagnostic test results to any of the following (as authorized by the user), 1) user, 2) designated primary care physician, 3) insurance company, 4) pharmacy, 5) regulatory or industry participants, or 6) other individual or party authorized by the user. 

Oil Detective – A high tech electronics device used to determine fluid levels within oil wells or holding tanks. In addition, the device can determine and communicate when it is in gas (air), water, or oil.  

Moselle Technologies – Funding research into the use of high tech nano-particle materials within the mining industry to more readily and economically extract and recover commercially valuable minerals from aqueous solutions. A solution with a material impact on cost and efficacy of the process.

Mr. Bart W. Mills – Partner :

After graduating with a degree in Finance from Texas A&M University, Mr. Mills began his career at CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) and provided real estate valuation and financial analytics for Office, Retail, Industrial, Multi-Family and Self-Storage property types to internal broker clients to support Offering Memorandum for individual and institutional clients. In addition, Mr. Mills completed analytic assignments for corporate clients related to analysis of Lease Renegotiations, Sublease versus Buyout, Own versus Lease, and Lease Comparison from Landlord and Tenant perspectives.

After almost five years at CBRE, Mr. Mills accepted a position with Heller Financial and was responsible for all aspects of underwriting and due diligence for high-leverage first mortgage debt and mezzanine debt investments. In late 2001, Heller Financial was acquired by GE Capital. During the acquisition by GE Capital, Mr. Mills accepted a similar underwriting position at GE Capital within the Credit department of GE Real Estate with responsibilities for all aspects of the due diligence process including presentation to credit committee for final approval prior to loan funding.

By April 2005, Mr. Mills was a Director at GE Capital and was responsible for loan originations in Texas and Colorado for GE's CMBS and structured loan products primarily within the Office, Retail, Industrial, Multi-Family, Medical, and Self-Storage product types. While a Director at GE Capital, Mr. Mills successfully closed approximately $550 Million of loans from mid-2005 through mid-2008, when GE Capital stopped funding real estate transaction as a result of the credit crunch.

Currently, Mr. Mills is the President of Mills Capital Group, a private Investment Company with focus in real estate, energy, distressed assets, or other under-valued opportunistic investments. Mr. Mills is a partner in Sundial Arizona, LiNERGY, Mills Capital Group, and Moselle Technologies.

Howard Tigelaar – Technology Officer :

Dr. Tigelaar was employed by Texas Instruments for over 26 years. During his tenure, Dr. Tigelaar managed various technical engineering groups and was instrumental in Texas Instrument’s development of next generation integrated circuitry manufacturing. Dr. Tigelaar was named a TI Fellow, a very prestigious award to a select group of engineers. Further, Dr. Tigelaar is a named party to in excess of 70 US patents, over 40 publications in numerous technical journals.

In addition to Texas Instruments, Dr. Tigelaar worked for Abbott Labs, Inc. for four years where he managed a technical troubleshooting group that diagnosed and fixed production problems and customer problems with Abbott’s diagnostic kits. Dr. Tigelaar also spent approximately 5 years with Rohm and Haas Co. as a Plastics Engineer, where he developed production processes and procedures for diagnostic reagents and established and managed the production facility for diagnostic kits for Micromedic Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Rohm and Hass Co. Dr. Tigelaar is a named party on one patent related to his work at Rohm and Haas.

Dr. Tigelaar is a co-founder of Testchip Technologies, LLC, which developed automated software for testchip layout.

Dr. Tigelaar has a Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, U. of Illinois with Post doctorate in Physics and Quantum Optics, U. of Arizona and Postgraduate courses in Solid State Physics at University of Texas at Dallas and University of Texas at Arlington.

Dr. Tigelaar is a partner in TigMill Technologies, TrivTech Dx, Oil Detective, and Moselle Technologies.