February 19, 2020 - Vancouver, BC – Dajin Lithium Corp. (“Dajin”) (TSX-V: DJI) (OTC: DJIFF) (Germany: C2U1) is pleased to announce it has formed a Strategic Alliance with Moselle Technologies Inc. (“Moselle”) of Dallas, Texas by signing a letter of understanding between the two companies to work together to further pursue the exploration and extraction of Lithium from naturally occurring brines. Moselle has developed a patent pending magnetic separation process for the extraction of Lithium and other elements from naturally occurring Lithium bearing brines. The Moselle technology utilizes a solution containing magnetic nanoparticles that replaces the need for traditional evaporation ponds and reduces both the construction and operating costs of a processing facility. It cuts processing time of brine solution to a matter of minutes, not months or years. Moselle’s nanoparticles have approximately one thousand times the specific surface area of traditional polymer beads. This results in very fast direct extraction and a decrease in the size and cost of equipment required for additional processing. (

The underlying technology was developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, one of the large US National Laboratories supported by the United States Department of Energy. Moselle acquired the exclusive rights to the intellectual property and then funded research to develop a nanoparticle specifically for the extraction of Lithium. A pilot plant is currently being designed by Moselle for the testing of their technology on a commercial scale.

“Dajin has for some time been monitoring the development and application of new technologies for the processing of Lithium bearing brines. As a result of extensive laboratory testing, the Moselle technology has proven to recover up to 99% of the lithium found in brines tested. Once commercialized, Dajin and Moselle expect this technology to have created one of the world’s lowest cost production methods for Lithium extraction.” reports Brian Findlay, President of Dajin.

Dajin is currently arranging for a shipment of Lithium brine to the USA from Argentina that Moselle will be analyzing and carrying out preliminary testing on. A similar analysis will be done of the Lithium brine solution from the Teels Marsh Lithium brine project in Nevada.

About Dajin: ( In Argentina, Dajin has reported exceptional Lithium brine assay results from their initial exploration program from the San Jose Navidad minas on the Salinas Grandes salar in Jujuy province. Lithium values received from 25 assays ranged from 281 mg/litre to 1,353 mg/litre, averaging 591 mg/litre. Additional exploration of the concessions is expected to proceed later this year. Dajin is in partnership with Litica Resources S.A., a subsidiary of Pluspetrol Resources Corporation. (click here to see geochemical map).

In Nevada, Dajin holds a 100% interest in 403 placer claims covering 7,914 acres (3,202 hectares) in the Teels Marsh valley in Mineral County, Nevada. All permits for drilling have been received and engineered access roads and two large drill pads have been constructed. These claims are known to contain Lithium and Boron values. Dajin holds placer claims in the Alkali Spring valley Lithium property in Esmeralda County which are located 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) from the only producing Lithium brine operation in the USA; Albemarle’s Silver Peak mine in Clayton Valley.


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